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Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol Cover Image
We Are What We Eat: A Slow Food Manifesto Cover Image
Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking: A Cookbook Cover Image
The Joy of Pizza: Everything You Need to Know Cover Image
By Dan Richer, Katie Parla (With)
Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue Cover Image
A Woman's Place Is in the Brewhouse: A Forgotten History of Alewives, Brewsters, Witches, and CEOs Cover Image
By Tara Nurin, Teri Fahrendorf (Foreword by)
Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time Cover Image
Butter: A Rich History Cover Image
Mexican Food: The Ultimate Cookbook Cover Image
The Origins of Cooking: Palaeolithic and Neolithic Cooking Cover Image
First, Catch: Study of a Spring Meal Cover Image
Vodka Distilled: The Modern Mixologist on Vodka and Vodka Cocktails Cover Image
American Cuisine: And How It Got This Way Cover Image
At Home on the Range Cover Image
A Field Guide to Whisky: An Expert Compendium to Take Your Passion and Knowledge to the Next Level Cover Image
A Short History of Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce Cover Image
By Massimo Montanari, Gregory Conti (Translator)
Tasting Beer, 2nd Edition: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink Cover Image
By Randy Mosher, Ray Daniels (Foreword by), Sam Calagione (Foreword by)
Recipes from the World of Tolkien: Inspired by the Legends (Literary Cookbooks) Cover Image
The Essential New York Times Cookbook: The Recipes of Record Cover Image
High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America Cover Image