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A Continent Of Islands: Searching For The Caribbean Destiny By Mark Kurlansky Cover Image
Modernity in Black and White: Art and Image, Race and Identity in Brazil, 1890-1945 (Afro-Latin America) By Rafael Cardoso Cover Image
World History, Volume 2: from 1400 (hardcover, full color) By Ann Kordas, Ryan J. Lynch, Brooke Nelson Cover Image
Women in Latin America and the Caribbean: Restoring Women to History By Marysa Navarro, Virginia Sanchez Korrol, Virginia Sanchez Korrol (Joint Author) Cover Image
Planetary Longings (Dissident Acts) By Mary Louise Pratt Cover Image
Caminemos Con Jesus: Toward a Hispanic/Latino Theology of Accompaniment By Roberto Goizueta Cover Image
The Lettered Barriada: Workers, Archival Power, and the Politics of Knowledge in Puerto Rico By Jorell A. Meléndez-Badillo Cover Image
Rising Up, Living on: Re-Existences, Sowings, and Decolonial Cracks (On Decoloniality) By Catherine E. Walsh Cover Image
Capoeira and Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance through Afro-Brazilian Experience By Floyd Merrell Cover Image
The Second American Revolution: The Civil War-Era Struggle Over Cuba and the Rebirth of the American Republic (Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era) By Gregory P. Downs Cover Image
U.S. Presidents and Latin American Interventions: Pursuing Regime Change in the Cold War By Michael Grow Cover Image
Anarchism in Latin America By Ángel J. Cappelletti, Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez (Translator) Cover Image
Open Veins of Latin America By Eduardo Galeano, Isabel Allende (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Eduardo Galeano, Isabel Allende (Foreword by)
Beyond the Pink Tide: Art and Political Undercurrents in the Americas (American Studies Now: Critical Histories of the Present #7) By Macarena Gomez-Barris Cover Image
Cinco de Mayo: La historia de la batalla de Puebla y la famosa fiesta By Gustavo Vazquez-Lozano, Charles River Cover Image
Latin America's Democratic Crusade: The Transnational Struggle against Dictatorship, 1920s-1960s By Allen Wells Cover Image
Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles and the Remaking of Its Mexican Past By William F. Deverell Cover Image
Identity and Violence in Early Modern Granada: Conversos and Moriscos (Lexington Studies in Modern Jewish History) By Tanja Zakrzewski Cover Image
¡Presente!: The Politics of Presence (Dissident Acts) By Diana Taylor Cover Image
The Popul Vuh: The Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kiches of Central America By Lewis Spence Cover Image