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The SVD Dragunov Rifle (Weapon #87) By Chris McNab, Ramiro Bujeiro (Illustrator), Alan Gilliland (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Chris McNab, Ramiro Bujeiro (Illustrator), Alan Gilliland (Illustrator)
Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the War on Terror By Marty Skovlund, Charles Faint, Leo Jenkins Cover Image
I, Who Did Not Die By Zahed Haftlang, Najah Aboud, Meredith May Cover Image
Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America's Elite Warriors By Don Mann Cover Image
Warrior Police: Rolling with America's Military Police in the World's Trouble Spots By Gordon Cucullu, Chris Fontana Cover Image
Carnivore: A Memoir of a Cavalry Scout at War By Dillard Johnson, James Tarr Cover Image
21 Days to Baghdad: General Buford Blount and the 3rd Infantry Division in the Iraq War By Heather Marie Stur Cover Image
Fortune Favors Boldness: The Story of Naval Valor During Operation Iraqi Freedom By Barry M. Costello, Timothy J. Keating (Foreword by) Cover Image
Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone (National Book Award Finalist) By Rajiv Chandrasekaran Cover Image
Dissent: Voices of Conscience By Ann Wright, Susan Dixon Cover Image
Cartography: Navigating a Year in Iraq By Katherine Schifani Cover Image
They Fought for Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq By Kelly Kennedy Cover Image
In the Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat By Rick Atkinson Cover Image
Harrier GR 7/9 Units in Combat (Combat Aircraft #151) By Michael Napier, Gareth Hector (Illustrator), Janusz Swiatlon (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Michael Napier, Gareth Hector (Illustrator), Janusz Swiatlon (Illustrator)
My Men Are My Heroes (Leatherneck Classics) By Nathaniel Helms Cover Image
Not a Good Day to Die: The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda By Sean Naylor Cover Image
Battle Scars: Twenty Years Later: 3D Battalion 5th Marines Looks Back at the Iraq War and How It Changed Their Lives By Chip Reid Cover Image
Zero Footprint: The True Story of a Private Military Contractor's Covert Assignments in Syria, Libya, And the World's Most Dangerous Places By Ralph Pezzullo, Simon Chase Cover Image
The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader By Jason Redman, John Bruning Cover Image
No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy: The Life of General James Mattis By Jim Proser Cover Image