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The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al-Qaeda By Peter L. Bergen Cover Image
Because Each Life Is Precious: Why an Iraqi Man Risked Everything for Private Jessica Lynch By Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief Cover Image
The Bomb in My Garden: The Secrets of Saddam's Nuclear MasterMind By Mahdi Obeidi Cover Image
Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat By Dan Hampton Cover Image
Not a Good Day to Die: The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda By Sean Naylor Cover Image
Zone of Action: A JAG's Journey Inside Operations Cobra II and Iraqi Freedom By Kirk G. Warner Cover Image
Irregular Army: How the US Military Recruited Neo-Nazis, Gang Members, and Criminals to Fight the War on Terror By Matt Kennard Cover Image
US Army Air Assault & General Support Unit Patches Volume 2: National Guard and Reserve Units (2001-2021) By Daniel M. McClinton Cover Image
If You Ain't Cheatin', You Ain't Tryin' By Joy Damiani Cover Image
The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001–2014 By Carlotta Gall Cover Image
The Sheriff of Ramadi: Navy Seals and the Winning of Al-Anbar By Dick R. Couch Cover Image
When Our Blue Star Turned Gold By Terry Burgess Cover Image
Walk in My Combat Boots: True Stories from America's Bravest Warriors By James Patterson, Matt Eversmann, Chris Mooney (With) Cover Image
Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan By Sean Parnell, John Bruning Cover Image
Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War By Robert M. Gates Cover Image
Alpha: Eddie Gallagher and the War for the Soul of the Navy SEALs By David Philipps Cover Image
Blood, Metal and Dust: How Victory Turned into Defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq By Ben Barry Cover Image
Blowing Sandstorm By Horace Crenshaw Cover Image
An Autumn of War: What America Learned from September 11 and the War on Terrorism By Victor Davis Hanson Cover Image
A Long Way From Home: My Time In Iraq and Afghanistan By Christian Warren Freed Cover Image