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Discovering Egyptian Dynasties (Exploring African Civilizations #2) By Therese M. Shea Cover Image
Genocide in Rwanda (Genocide in Modern Times) By Frank Spalding Cover Image
Genocide in Darfur (Genocide in Modern Times) By Janey Levy Cover Image
The Rwandan Genocide (World History) By Don Nardo Cover Image
Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt (JR. Graphic Ancient Civilizations) By Kirsten Holm Cover Image
Hoping for Peace in Sudan (Peace Pen Pals) By Jim Pipe Cover Image
The Exploration of Africa (Explorers Discovering the World) By Tim Cooke (Editor) Cover Image
By Tim Cooke (Editor)
Discovering Ancient Egypt (Exploring Ancient Civilizations) By Erin Staley Cover Image
Descubramos El Congo (Looking at the Congo) By Kathleen Pohl Cover Image
Ethiopia By Steven Gish, Winnie Thay, Zawiah Abdul Latif Cover Image
Morocco By Pat Seward, Orin Hargraves Cover Image
Africa: A Look Back (Drama of African-American History) By James Haskins, Kathleen Benson Haskins Cover Image
Benin By Martha Kneib Cover Image
Botswana By Suzanne LeVert Cover Image
Mozambique By David C. King Cover Image
Rwanda By David C. King Cover Image
Darfur (Current Controversies) By Debra A. Miller (Editor) Cover Image
By Debra A. Miller (Editor)
The End of Apartheid (Perspectives on Modern World History) By Alexander Cruden (Editor), Dedria Bryfonski (Editor) Cover Image
By Alexander Cruden (Editor), Dedria Bryfonski (Editor)
Africa (Opposing Viewpoints) By David M. Haugen (Editor), Susan Musser (Editor) Cover Image
By David M. Haugen (Editor), Susan Musser (Editor)
Nigeria (Opposing Viewpoints) By Margaret Haerens (Editor) Cover Image
By Margaret Haerens (Editor)