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Decline of Representative Democracy (Paper) By Alan Rosenthal Cover Image
Women and Political Inequality in Japan: Gender Imbalanced Democracy (Routledge Contemporary Japan) By Mikiko Eto Cover Image
Scandal and Corruption in Congress By Michael J. Pomante II (Editor) Cover Image
By Michael J. Pomante II (Editor)
African Americans in Congress: A Documentary History By Eric Freedman, Stephen A. Jones Cover Image
Engines of Democracy: Politics and Policymaking in State Legislatures By Alan Rosenthal Cover Image
The Legislative Legacy of Congressional Campaigns By Tracy Sulkin Cover Image
Freshman Orientation: House Style and Home Style By Edward I. Sidlow Cover Image
War Powers: The Politics of Constitutional Authority By Mariah Zeisberg Cover Image
Barred by Congress: How a Mormon, a Socialist, and an African American Elected by the People Were Excluded from Office By Robert M. Lichtman Cover Image
Why States Matter: An Introduction to State Politics By Gary F. Moncrief, Peverill Squire Cover Image
Lobbying Congress: How the System Works By Bruce C. Wolpe, Bertram J. Levine Cover Image
This War Really Matters: Inside the Fight for Defense Dollars By George C. Wilson Cover Image
The 1961 Cameroon Plebiscite: Choice or Betrayal By John Percival Cover Image
How Congress Works By Cq Press Cover Image
The Third House: Lobbyists and Lobbying in the States, 2nd Edition By Alan Rosenthal Cover Image
Heavy Lifting: The Job of the American Legislature By Alan Rosenthal Cover Image
The Substance of Representation: Congress, American Political Development, and Lawmaking (Princeton Studies in American Politics: Historical #133) By John S. Lapinski Cover Image
Electing the Senate: Indirect Democracy Before the Seventeenth Amendment (Princeton Studies in American Politics: Historical #146) By Wendy J. Schiller, Charles Stewart Cover Image
Investigating the President: Congressional Checks on Presidential Power By Douglas L. Kriner, Eric Schickler Cover Image
Party Influence in Congress By Steven S. Smith Cover Image