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Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption By Bryan Stevenson Cover Image
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City By Matthew Desmond Cover Image
The Devil Never Sleeps: Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters By Juliette Kayyem Cover Image
Demolition Agenda: How Trump Tried to Dismantle American Government, and What Biden Needs to Do to Save It By Thomas O. McGarity Cover Image
Under the Influence: Putting Peer Pressure to Work By Robert H. Frank, Robert H. Frank (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Robert H. Frank, Robert H. Frank (Foreword by)
The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy By Katherine M. Gehl, Michael E. Porter, Mike Gallagher (R-Wi) (Foreword by) Cover Image
Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy By Cathy O'Neil Cover Image
The Emergency: A Year of Healing and Heartbreak in a Chicago ER By Thomas Fisher, Ta-Nehisi Coates (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Thomas Fisher, Ta-Nehisi Coates (Foreword by)
Numbers Don't Lie: 71 Stories to Help Us Understand the Modern World By Vaclav Smil Cover Image
There Are No Accidents: The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster—Who Profits and Who Pays the Price By Jessie Singer Cover Image
Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy By Elizabeth Popp Berman Cover Image
The Vision Of The Annointed: Self-congratulation As A Basis For Social Policy By Thomas Sowell Cover Image
Bowling Alone: Revised and Updated: The Collapse and Revival of American Community By Robert D. Putnam Cover Image
Service Dog Training Guide: A Step-By-Step Training Program for You and Your Dog By Jennifer Hack Cover Image
Community Health Centers: A Movement and the People Who Made It Happen (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine) By Ms. Bonnie Lefkowitz Cover Image
The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again By Robert D. Putnam, Shaylyn Romney Garrett (With) Cover Image
Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success By Michael Ungar Cover Image
To Raise a Boy: Classrooms, Locker Rooms, Bedrooms, and the Hidden Struggles of American Boyhood By Emma Brown Cover Image
The Political Determinants of Health By Daniel E. Dawes, David R. Williams (Foreword by) Cover Image
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt By Edmund Morris Cover Image