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Justin Kipp, Where is my Underwear?

Where is my Underwear Cover Image
ISBN: 9781073602889
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Walter Justin Kipp - June 13th, 2019

A colorful, children's picture book for ages 3-8 about a kid who loses his last pair of underwear and the frustrating search for them. His brother joins in the search, at times offering more confusion than help. Where is my Underwear teaches kids how to talk out a problem and retrace your steps.

Roberto Ontiveros, The Fight for Space

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About Roberto Ontiveros:
The Fight for Space Cover Image
ISBN: 9781622882267
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Stephen F. Austin University Press - November 26th, 2019

In his debut collection, The Fight for Space, Roberto Ontiveros explores the modes of art and obsession with eleven stories that run from fabulist comedy to surrealist noir.

Janet Dumas, Blessings From My Cats

Blessings from My Cats: How I Discovered the Boundless Joy of Caring for Wild and Domestic Strays Cover Image
ISBN: 9781946044570
Availability: Usually Ships in to Twig 1-5 Days
Published: Who Chains You Books - September 10th, 2019

"My heart was touched by Blessings From My Cats; thank you, thank you for the lifeline you provide for so many cats and continuing to remind us of our spiritual connection to animals."-Sonya Fitzpatrick, Radio Show Host, SiriusXM, Animal Intuitive, TV Host of Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic" and "Pet Psychic Encounters", Author, What the Animals Tell Me and Cat Talk "Blessings From My Cats" is a

Henrique Salas Romer, El Futuro Tiene Su Historia

In 1998, he ran for the presidency of Venezuela as the candidate of Project Venezuela, a national party developing out of Römer's regional Project Carabobo party. Four days before the election, the two main political parties in Venezuela at the time, COPEI and Democratic Action, switched their support to him. In the election, he was runner-up to Hugo Chávez, garnering 40% of the vote in a six-man race.

El futuro tiene su historia: El reto de comprender Cover Image
ISBN: 9781688650084
Availability: Usually Ships in to Twig 1-5 Days
Published: Independently Published - August 26th, 2019


Jack Clark Robinson, Franciscan Friars Coast to Coast

Six Franciscan provincial archives preserving records and the collective memories of hundreds of Franciscan friars across the country have contributed to this work.

Franciscan Friars: Coast to Coast Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467104197
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Arcadia Publishing (SC) - November 11th, 2019

Franciscan friars entered the religious landscape of the United States in 1539 and remained part of colonial history in Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Texas, California, and Louisiana until they were no longer colonies. A Franciscan mission revival began i.

Mo Saidi, Esther and the Genius

A physician and writer, MO H. SAIDI was born in Iran, moved to the United States in 1969, and became an American citizen in 1975.

Esther and the Genius Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692840429
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Word Design Press - November 26th, 2019

"Esther and the Genius" is the compelling story of the slow and tragic breakdown and dissolution of a prominent family. The life of Dr. Jordan Hartman, a successful but volatile professor, turns upside down with a call from his wife, Esther. Hartman is at the peak of his career; he has helped build the medical school into an internationally recognized research and treatment center.

Jason Hill, American Hill & Prospect Hill

Jason Hill is on fire.

American Hill Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732437029
Availability: Backordered
Published: Jeffrey Hill - January 28th, 2018

The acclaimed, laugh-out loud, heartwarming story of Tony, in this last installment in the Social Hill Series trilogy, forced to restart his life when his wife, Applehead, mother of his children, leaves him for a co-worker. Life may be full of setbacks but by moving to New Jersey to be with his biggest fan, Tony is able to handle them all.

Kate Murphy with Katherine Hampsten, You're Not Listening: What You're Missing and Why It Matters

Kate Murphy is a Houston, Texas-based journalist who has written for The New York Times, The Economist, Agence France-Presse, and Texas Monthly.

You're Not Listening: What You're Missing and Why It Matters Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250297198
Availability: Usually Ships in to Twig 1-5 Days
Published: Celadon Books - January 7th, 2020

When was the last time you listened to someone, or someone really listened to you?

"If you’re like most people, you don’t listen as often or as well as you’d like. There’s no one better qualified than a talented journalist to introduce you to the right mindset and skillset—and this book does it with science and humor."


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