Arlene Scott Veazey, Meet Me at the Lions

Arlene Scott Veazey is a woman "of a certain age" who eventually decided it was time to realize her dreams. She has always wanted to see her writing in print and become a published author. Arlene is a retired English teacher who still dabbles in Education as a substitute and tutor. She is the proud mother of two amazing grown kids. Katybeth is married to Dan, and they live in Maine. Conner is a tall Texan through and through. Arlene resides, for now, in the almost always blistering heat of San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys her home, her garden and now and then, she attempts a craft or two. Arlene has too many books if having too many books is even possible. One day she will travel to cooler climates and check more ancient castles and glorious seashores off her bucket list. Arlene loves all things English and can always be bribed with anything Shakespeare, chocolate or ice cream. She is thankful for many blessings including a loving family, supportive friends and a sustaining faith.

Meet Me at the Lions:
Seventeen-year-old punk rocker Jonathan Hernandez has never fit in, and he likes it that way.

His anger, leather jacket, and mohawk hair have served him well, keeping everyone at bay. For one so young, he has suffered more than his share of tragedy and loss. One night at a school event, Jonathan lets his temper fly, and the consequences are grave for a kid who has never been far from his home in Texas. Expelled from school in the spring of his junior year, he must spend the following fall semester in a tiny village on the east coast of England. He will live with and be homeschooled by his father, who he barely knows and against whom he holds a pretty serious grudge. A new stepmother and a half-sister complicate things further.

Jonathan hates everything about England: the cold, dreary weather, the bland food, and boring TV. There is nothing to do, and he doesn't know a soul. Jonathan often walks along the beach to clear his head. There, under two great stone lions, he meets Little Kenny, an elderly man who is intrusive but intriguing. Despite the difference in their ages, these two will form an unlikely friendship.

And then, there is Bridie, who has suffered much but has a quick wit, a penchant for fun, and a tender spot for Little Kenny. Jonathan falls hard for the green-eyed beauty with purple hair and a contagious smile.

They climb ancient castle keeps, wade in the frigid North Sea, and eat a whole lot of ice cream. Jonathan forms a new understanding of friendship, family, and home. At 80 years old, Kenny gains confidence and a new lease on life. Bridie finds peace within and has high hopes for her future.

Together, these three friends form a bond, tackle the town bully, and rebuild much more than a garden.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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Published: BookBaby - March 19th, 2022

Seventeen-year-old punk rocker Jonathan Hernandez has never fit in, and he likes it that way.

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