Axe DeKruif, Sunshine Among the Clouds: Bouncing Between Love and Loss in Life

cover imageSunshine Among the Clouds challenges us in the same way as life to make it through the dark, difficult portions for the reward of all the happy, exciting events that life offers. While those dark times can be a challenge, without them, we wouldn't be able to truly appreciate the joy when it comes. The book might be described as an autoduography, since it tells the same life as described through two very different lenses. The first half describes decades of suffering through every failure and dark emotion of the human psyche. The second half recaps the same life with focus on every positive feeling from growth to excitement and passion to success. The Afterword explains how the presentation of the two extremes illustrates the control that each of us have in how we perceive and appreciate the time we're given. Sometimes, all we need is a little sunshine among the clouds to warm our day and brighten our outlook on life.

Dan DeKruif, or “Axe” as he’s used for his pen name on previous projects, lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his best friend, Baron, at his side. He continues to appreciate and live every day as his last for the day that he’s right.



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