Barbara O'Connor, Virgin at Sonoma

Starting out in the investment field, with a major financial services firm, and retiring as a vice president with decades of experience working with clients, Barbie O’Connor was part owner of a team that fielded cars in the 1995 and 1996 Indy 500 races.  Virgin at Sonoma, just released, embraces Barbie's love of the California wine country and auto racing as well.   A fan of all types of auto racing—IndyCar, F1, Nascar, endurance racing, drag racing, and karting—this Racing Resort Ranch book captures motor racing’s excitement, romance, and energy.

About Virgin at Sonoma:
When Orval Slattery, one of the three owners of Chateau La Mer winery, is murdered, a host of suspects is implicated, including members of the auto racing community. Luz Maria Dane, investment advisor to the Slattery clan and part-time manager of Amberson-Harwood Racing, steps in to figure out who wanted Orval dead and why.  From the Sonoma Raceway to the Napa Valley, Luz looks for clues at the track, at the winery, and in the corporate boardroom.  Join Luz as she finds herself in the middle of a plot for revenge that began decades ago in France and found its way to the track and the vineyards of California.


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