Bruce Henderson, White Pages

Bruce Henderson

Saturday, Feb. 25th

11:00-1:00 pm

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About Bruce Henderson: 

Bruce Henderson has no previous published work. “White Pages” will be his first work published followed closely by his second “Wind Shear”.  He has worked for the past twenty years as a business consultant which has created a wealth of business experiences that he can use in his writing.  Currently a business consultant by day and writer by night, he is fueled by the forecasting of new technologies. You can find him on Twitter here:@Historyleaker


About White Pages:

Agent Plaiedeaux ordered his team to proceed with serving the arrest of  William Stradom.

 The FBI Standard Operating Procedure was to cut the power, and then move in.  As the order was given, the electrical power was turned off.  When agent Plaiedeaux turned and looked at the gate and grounds, he could not see any notable changes that showed that the power was off.  He motioned to Agent Jones to confirm that the power had been shut off. 

Agent Jones confirmed that the power was off.  

After several hours of trying to storm the facilities, everyone became exhausted and turned to look at Agent Plaiedeaux. “Let’s see,” said Agent Plaiedeaux.  “We have rammed the fence but only our vehicles were damaged, had a welder cut the hinges only for the gate to remain as if the hinges were not cut, saw with our own eyes that the gate hinges were cut leaving the gate to apparently float in mid-air, then the hinges that were cut reappeared as if they were never cut, we broke several chains when we tried to use several vehicles to pull the gate down, and we tried to climb over the fence only to encounter some sort of invisible force field that fills like metal to the touch. Did everyone get all that?  We are the FBI, nothing like this is supposed to exist without our knowledge.  As of now everything about this operation is classified.”


White Pages



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Saturday, February 25, 2017 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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306 Pearl Parkway
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