Carolyn Osborn Celebrating her new novel published by Wings Press, Where We Are Now

Carolyn Osborn, author of Warriors & Maidens and Uncertain Ground

Celebrating her new novel published by Wings Press

Where We Are Now



Critical Praise for Where We Are Now:
Carolyn Osborn’s thoroughly admirable new collection, Where We Are Now, is all about those
strangers we call family. Osborn’s collection is wise, funny, and moving, the mature work of a
skilled writer. The characters are vivid—Tennesseans, Texans, and New Mexicans, orphans and
parents, aunts, and uncles, sisters and brothers. Some are rascals, others are tyrants, and all of them
grow on you. Wherever you read Where We Are Now, you’ll be transported to a front porch on a
summer afternoon, where you’re delighting in the company of an old friend who is telling you at
last the secrets you’ve wanted to know.
— Laura Furman is the Series Editor of The O. Henry Prize Stories and the author of The Mother Who Stayed.

One of Texas’ finest writers, Carolyn Osborn, is back with a collection of her award-winning
stories. Osborn’s stately lyricism, plain-spoken epiphanies, and hard-won truths are all on superb
display. Fans of Alice Munro should have a look at this indispensable collection.
—Sarah Bird, author of Above the East China Sea

Critical Praise for Contrary People:
Carolyn Osborn casts a sympathetic but enlightened eye on old and young lovers burdened with
memories of those they have lost. Loneliness and longing are made sharper by the life experiences
of the older pair while the fate of the two younger lovers is a variation of their elders’ passions. Told
with skill and deliberation, Contrary People is not sad or gloomy but filled with good memories,
happy days and the joy and pain that belong to all of us.
—Robert Flynn, author of Jade: The Law and North to Yesterday

As ever, Carolyn Osborn is spot on when it comes to giving us characters we can believe in, agonize
over, and even invite to dance. This is an all-at-one-sitting read that goes deep and when it
comes up for air leaves stacks of hard-won wisdom behind. ¡Brava!
—Rosemary Catacalos, author of Again for the First Time, Poet Laureate of Texas

Critical Praise for Uncertain Ground:
Carolyn Osborn captures beautifully what it would have been like to be young, restless, confused,
sunburned, maybe-in-love-and-maybe-not on Galveston Island in the long-ago nineteen-fifties.
This is a timeless novel about a timeless place.
—Stephen Harrigan, author of The Gates of the Alamo

With calm, descriptive elegance, Uncertain Ground paints both the conflicted restlessness of
20-year-old Texans in 1953, sprung south to the island for a month, and the haunting ever-shifting
shore of what we do and don’t know, what we can or can’t ask or understand. Osborn has an
alchemist’s gift.
—Naomi Shihab Nye, Chancellor, Academy of American Poets

About the Author:
Carolyn Osborn graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.J. degree in 1955, and an
M.A. in 1959. She has won awards from P.E.N., the Texas Institute of Letters, and a Distinguished
Prose Award from The Antioch Review (2003). Her stories have been included in The O. Henry Prize
(Doubleday, 1991) and Lone Star Literature (Norton, 2003), among numerous other anthologies.
She is the author of two novels, Contrary People (Wings Press, 2012), and Uncertain Ground (Wings Press,
2009), and several collections of short stories, including: A Horse of Another Color (University of Illinois
Press, 1977), The Fields of Memory (Shearer Publishing, 1984), and Warriors & Maidens (Texas Christian
University Press, 1991). The Book Club of Texas published an illustrated, specially bound edition of her
story, "The Grands" (1990). In 2009, she received the Lon Tinkle Lifetime Achievement Award from the
Texas Institute of Letters.

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