CeCe Loop, Tara, Princess of Brythrony

Tara, Princess of the Realm of Brythrony, is weary of joining her parents’ royal audiences, tired of mandatory sessions at the Law Courts, and fed up with ribbon cutting ceremonies.  But she especially hates The Season:  the countless, tedious formal balls conducted throughout the kingdom that her mother insists she attend.  She doesn’t seem at all suited to ruling Brythrony—which she is supposed to, one day—and, worse, she doesn’t even look to be interested.  At last, in total frustration, her parents send her out into the kingdom to perform a single and very simple but important royal duty.  Surely, they tell themselves, she’ll come back more responsible and princess-like.

What could go wrong?

Plenty, as it turns out.  Tara is kidnapped and left for lost on a burning, sinking ship.  In the nick of time, she is rescued by another princess who just happens to be a mermaid.  Together with four other princesses, each with her own special ability, they face down hostile witches, a bloodthirsty creature made of sand flies, and the malevolent queen of a strange underground kingdom who will stop at nothing to claim a long-lost artifact.  What chance does Tara, who isn’t magical in the least, and her friends stand against so many bent on the destruction of them and Brythrony?  All they have for help are some strange purses containing a stick, a vial, and a bag of dust.  What use could they possibly be?
And Tara still needs to prove to her parents she’s worthy of ruling her own kingdom!

CeCe Loop began writing in earnest way, way back in elementary school, having been asked to pencil a single paragraph using that week’s spelling words, but instead kept going, ending eventually at twelve pages.

Many years of schooling later, CeCe has served in the US armed forces, worked for investment management firms, and traveled through just about every state in the US, the United Kingdom, and dozens of countries, but never stopped writing.

Even today, and outside a respectable day job, the late afternoons, when possible, are reserved for writing.  Because writing is a passion and a commitment.  Tara is CeCe’s first published book; come take a look!


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ISBN: 9781800749771
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Published: Olympia Publishers - January 25th, 2024

Why Can't You Just Be A NORMAL Princess?

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