Charles Parish, The Groom Wore White Socks

Charles Parish

The Groom Wore White Socks

Sunday, Feb. 19th



About Charles Parish:

Charles and Betty Parish met at Duke University in 1956 and were married in 1960. Charles started Parish Photography in 1964 and several years later formed Wedding Planners. Now, having sold the photography business, Charles has had time to reflect on memorable moments throughout his 50-year photography career.

He knows families might recognize themselves in his stories but hopes they will forgive him since they are unnamed!


Charles Parish


About The Groom Wore White Socks:

When you have photographed more than 4,000 weddings over a 50-year career that witnessed major steps toward gender and racial equality, 11 U.S. presidents, a race to the moon, and the invention of computers (not to mention the Internet!), you not only pick up a story or two but gain a front row perspective on the gradual shift from a traditional wedding in the 60’s (where all the men owned tuxedos) to a contemporary wedding (where none of the party wore shoes).  Whether it is a matter of a newlywed couple’s departure in a hot air balloon, flying a bride and groom to skydive out of an airplane, almost delivering a baby, or officiating because the minister did not show, The Groom Wore White Socks captures some of veteran photographer Charles Parish’s favorite moments and offers a bit of advice on what to make of each one.


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Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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306 Pearl Parkway
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