Daniel Bjork, Deadly Return

About Daniel Bjork and Deadly Return:
It is 1852 and the American Civil War is impending. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is electrifying Yankees, especially women. Dr. Josiah Bartlett a staunch anti-slavery doctor in Concord, Massachusetts is shaken by the drowning of a young female school teacher, who apparently committed suicide suffering from severe melancholia. But Bartlett believes she was murdered and tries to play detective rousing the ire of the local sheriff. Hence, begins the first of the five book ‘Dr. Josiah Bartlett’ murder mystery series, Deadly Crossroads. Daniel Bjork, a history professor at St. Mary’s University and the author of nine books including the Bartlett series, will read from the latest, Deadly Return--#5 of the series. Each can be enjoyed separately. However, to read them consecutively gives a fuller picture of the author’s intentions and the history of a murderer.

The major theme that connects each book, is the development of what was then known as a multiple killer, our version of a serial killer. But it does not follow the usual sociopathic or psychopathic explanation of unbridled mental madness. Instead these books, read in succession, trace how a murder of passion evolves into a deadly killing rampage that concludes in an attempt to eliminate the perpetrator of the mayhem--none other than the good Dr. Bartlett himself.  All five intersperse real historical characters like, Henry David Thoreau, Waldo Emerson, Nathanial Hawthorne, Bronson and Louisa May Alcott with fictional creations. The main character Josiah Bartlett was indeed a real physician in Concord for nearly half a century. And the young lady who supposedly took her own life was Martha Hunt depicted as Mary Chase in the novels.

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