Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr, Strategic Planning for Black Folk

Lt. Col (retired) Dorian R. Williams, Sr. is proudly the Air Force’s first-ever black man to receive a direct commission as an Aerospace Physiologist. Dorian has three master’s degrees and earned his Ph.D. by the age of 33. Dr. Williams is a man of faith and has pastored, planted, or overseen a host of dynamic and multi-cultural ministries in the U.S., Japan, Manila, West Africa, Guam, and Italy.

Also, an entrepreneur and business accelerator—Dorian has launched successful nonprofits, businesses, and has partnered with civic leaders on multi-million-dollar community development projects. Known as StrategyBrother™, “Coach D” has created a unique and trademarked methodology which has produced successful authors, corporate professionals, consultants, nonprofit ventures, and much more. Dorian has coached an amazing 503 winners over the last two decades.

Dorian enjoys writing and researching Biblical History, Ecclesiology, Strategic Development, Leadership, Non-Profit and Social Work, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Adult Education.

In 1995, Dr. Williams married his best friend and high school sweetheart (Erika); together they have two amazing children Dorian Jr. and Drew.
About Strategic Planning for Black Folk:
Finally, a success tell-all for African Americans! In this book, Dr. Dorian R. Williams shares secrets that will TRANSFORM your family for generations to come! Dr. Williams declares, "Life for us is not spades, dominoes, or checkers, it's chess." As a result, this work masterfully approaches strategic planning using chess as a backdrop to unveil practical methods to generational success. But, unlike other books in its genre--it is written through an equity lens and directly for black folk. However, all folk will learn from reading this book! While reading this book, you will quickly realize--strategic planning is truly the secret weapon to success. This book teaches you to:
*   Identify systems of inequity and exclusion 
*   Create a culture rooted in your core values
*   Turn your dream into a vision with measurable outcomes    
*   Become a thought-leader in decision making and critical thinking
*   Create winning strategies for generations to come
*   And more
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