George Beddingfield, Wildfire

George Beddingfield
Wednesday, December 17


In WILDFIRE, author George Beddingfield taps into his medical background  to present a fictional world triggered by public concern  and political fear surrounding the uncontrolled spread of HIV disease from coast to coast in the 1980s and 90s. A medical student is infected by HIV as the result of a needle stick accident in a New Orleans hospital. A new law creates a bizarre kind of segregation based upon mandatory HIV blood tests. Nobel quality AIDS research offers hope of a cure until greed-driven men in positions of power sabotage the research for their personal gain. In this world that never was, but might have been, the infected medical student pursues a surgery residency at the New Orleans Charity Hospital. He is instrumental in exposing the nefarious plot that threatens AIDS research and in ending the new law’s extreme political manipulation of health care.


George Beddingfield is a physician. He retired from surgical practice and from accreditation surveys for The Joint Commission in 2008 to devote himself full time to fiction writing. George was born in Valdosta, Georgia and now lives in San Antonio, Texas. Wildfire is his fourth novel, and several more are on the drawing board.


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