Gume Laurel III with Vincent Cooper, Assimilated Natives

"Embark on a Poetic Journey of Identity and Resilience with Assimilated Natives: A Collection of Borderland Poems Exploring the Complexities of Chicanx Heritage in America"

Discover the world of ASSIMILATED NATIVES, a compelling collection of borderland poems that delves deep into the intricate identity of a third-plus generation Chicanx. Through the eloquence of poetry, the author embarks on a poignant and introspective journey, shedding light on the profound impact of forced assimilation into American culture on the intricate tapestry of cultural practices. These poems intricately weave a narrative that vividly portrays the disruption and transformation of age-old traditions, capturing the struggle of navigating the tension between heritage and assimilation.

"In ASSIMILATED NATIVES, Gume Laurel shares stories about grief and identity, about history and conflict, about the desire to find love and 'to be at home and whole in [his] own skin.' It's a rare thing to find a poet so willing to be open with his heart, so real. Laurel speaks from the border the way that many of us who carry the border within us recognize intimately—because the border never leaves us, because the border shapes the way we think and breathe and love and write."—ire'ne lara silva, author of Cuicacalli / House of Song and the eaters of flowers

"Gume Laurel III's poetry is a bold examination of the self as it explores the interstitial spaces of his native borderlands in beautifully crafted poems. The ghost of a culture lost through generational assimilation roams this collection, and Laurel, like so many of us, must confront the complexities of the specter to come to terms with it. Poems like 'Little Joto' and 'A Heritage Reborn' are potent reminders that borders are inherently queer spaces, and that identity is ultimately fluid. A thoughtful and moving collection of essential poetry for our time."—César L. De León, author of Speaking with Grackles by Soapberry Trees

"ASSIMILATED NATIVES is a deeply introspective collection of poetry that explores the multifaceted nature of cultural and personal identity. Gume delves into the themes of love, grief, mental health, queerness and latinidad, exploring the challenges of finding a sense of belonging in the Rio Grande Valley, where the border between the US and Mexico blurs. He grapples with the impact of assimilation on self-expression, questioning what it means to truly belong in a world that values conformity over authenticity. In this collection he has found a way to harness his voice to challenge readers to reflect on their own identities, and the impact of assimilation on our society." - Chibbi Orduña, author of Otro/Patria


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