Haleigh Wenger, A Feeling Like Home

Haleigh Wenger has been writing and reading her entire life. The first book to really break her heart was Little Women, which she remembers staying up all night to read in the fifth grade. From then, she was hooked on the rush of being so emotionally invested in a story she could not sleep. She was determined to create her own story that made readers feel big things. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2009 with a degree in Communications. In her free time, she bakes and goes on walks with her family. She can most often be found with her head buried in a book, flour dusting her clothes, and at least one kid sitting on her lap

About A Feeling Like Home:
Not when her dad gets sick, not when her relationship implodes, not even when her parents send her to another-freaking-state for the summer to live with her sister. Paige just wants to have fun, spray paint a few walls, and block out everything stressful, including her growing concern that she might be sick as well. To make things worse, her parents threaten her with boarding school in the fall if she can't prove she's changed her bad habits.

Paige's parents sign her up for a rebuilding project in Texas where her sister lives. Meanwhile, Paige reluctantly befriends her sister's straight-laced teenage neighbor, Joey, who is a frequent guest. He's so different from her, but Paige realizes that may not be a bad thing, especially since being around Joey curbs her urge to vandalize and ignore the rules. He even makes her forget about the debilitating stomach cramps she struggles to hide.

Just as Paige begins to feel settled in Texas, her dad's worsening Crohn's disease brings her home to Seattle.

When her own health fails her, she has the choice of staying at home and receiving care. Or, she could go back to Texas and prove for once and for all that she's more than her mistakes and more than a disease.

Torn between two worlds and two versions of herself, Paige must decide where, and with whom, she truly feels at home.


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Sunday, November 7, 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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ISBN: 9781736430033
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Published: Sword and Silk, LLC - August 3rd, 2021

Embark on an emotional journey of self-discovery and love in "A Feeling Like Home," a touching teen contemporary romance that explores the depths of resilience and finding one's place in the world.

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