J. G. Schwartz, The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

J. G. Schwartz graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master of Arts degree then attended the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio to obtain her Medical Degree. She has published numerous scientific articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Schwartz is currently working as a pathologist in San Antonio

About The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy:

Was Ethel Rosenberg executed for the wrong crime?

By early 1940, after almost a decade of planning and implementing stricter and more aggressive anti-Semitic laws, the "Final Solution," Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jewish people, is set in place. Ethel Rosenberg, along with other members of the Young Communist League, attempt to draw isolationist America into the European war to stop the genocide.

Just prior to World War II, a plan is set in place to infiltrate the highest offices of the War Department. The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy begins in the early 1920s and continues through the 1990s. It is full of intrigue with numerous plot twists including blackmail and murder. The novel is a harrowing tale of female resistance and camaraderie.

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