Jason Hill, Outpicture: A Novel

book coverCrisp and concise, Jason Hill's narrative flows without a single hitch. Outpicture: A Novel is one of those books where protagonists find themselves mired in situations and events beyond their control and try to make their way out against overwhelming odds. If you're looking for a short and breezy read, this is an adventure you won't regret embarking on. The characters are primarily used as vehicles to drive the plot forward. Roberta is one of the more fleshed-out characters, and her relationship with her sister grounds the story and gives readers something to root for. The worldbuilding is minimalistic and directly adheres to the direction of the plot. All in all, an entertaining odyssey for sci-fi lovers.

About the Author:
Jason Hill is on fire. Despite living homeless for much of the past year, having lost his wife and children, his beloved cat, his car, and everything else he held dear, he decided to seize the day and, while living in a halfway house last summer, write the Great American Novel he always wanted to write since he was a boy.

And now he has--and it's getting rave reviews, from professionals and lay readers alike! Kirkus Review called it a "dark...engaging...intriguingly realistic social tale about a despairing parent, lightened by [the narrator's] sense of humor. Others are calling it "hard to put down," and using words like "raw, real," with one recent reviewer even going so far as to call it a "masterpiece."



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