Jean Stephens, If Katy Could Talk

Jean is a quirky Grandma who loves entertaining children with whimsical stories. She is a creative thinker who embellishes storytelling with amusing details. While teaching students from elementary school to adult education, she developed a comprehensive composition-writing program. Jean retired from education in 2005 to care for her multiply disabled granddaughter, Katy. These life experiences serve as a backdrop for the stories in If Katy Could Talk. She hopes that the book will evoke empathy and compassion for the severely disabled. Jean has been a volunteer at Morgan's Wonderland, an inclusion theme park for people of all ages and abilities in San Antonio, Texas. In her retirement she spends time organizing social events, baking delicious desserts, and entertaining other grandparents with her hilarious anecdotes at the local Senior Center.

About If Katy Could Talk:
In this whimsical interactive storybook, the magic begins when Lily, a little fairy, visits Katy, a 10 year old little girl with multiple disabilities. Together they have some extraordinary adventures. Katy was a little girl with many special needs. She was never able to do all the fun things that most children can do. I've written 10 stories to give Katy the experiences she couldn't otherwise enjoy. Two very talented high school seniors created the illustrations. While children are the primary audience, it has become evident that adults who have children like Katy or who work with them will enjoy the stories with a different level of understanding.


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Sunday, December 13, 2020 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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306 Pearl Parkway
Suite 106
San Antonio, TX 78215
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