Jeanie Sanders, Book of the Dead

Jeanie Sanders is a poet, collage artist, and teacher who was born in West Texas and graduated from Sul Ross State University.  She lives in Lytle, Texas with her Italian Greyhound and artist husband. She is the author of Book of the Dead, poems and photographs. Her poems have been published in The Texas Observer, San Antonio Express News, Austin International Poetry Festival Anthology,and La Voz de Esperanze publication, Voices de la Luna, and various other anthologies. She is a member of the Sun Poets of San Antonio.

About  Book of the Dead:
The Book of the Dead is a collection of poetry and photography that addresses the subject of family/memory/time in the overpowering urge to find meaning in the deaths and short lives of people otherwise forgotten but for old letters or fading snapshots.  Set against the ancient Egyptian record for preserving existence, this work epitomizes the age old compulsion to create myth from the ordinary in the desire to be remembered in the eternal.  And like the ancients, the use of animals/gods, tombs/houses, objects/rituals becomes compelling when observed in a modern sense.  The poems in the Book of the Dead are not descriptions of the photographs nor are the photographs illustrations of the poems.  As separate pieces of created reality, they compliment each other in a way that inspires us to investigate the myths/rituals that exist in our own families and to acknowledge the memento mori at the heart of all image making and poetic observation.

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