Jeanie Sanders, The Dispossessed and Patricia Keoughan, Save Yourself

The Dispossessed is a story about three siblings whose lives seem mapped out on a straight road with no deviations.  Then an unexpected sorrow descends on them like a bad dream.  And that sorrow changes the direction of their lives. It brings their true character out of the shadows as it weaves in and out of a new journey like twisted rope, causing each sibling to find themselves in places touched by magical realism held in time by the weight of ghosts.

Jeanie Sanders is a poet and collage artist.  She lives in Lytle, Texas.  Her poems have been published in The Texas Observer, San Antonio Express News, Texas Poetry Calendar, Passager, La Voz de Esperanza, and several anthologies. She has two books of poetry, “The Book of the Dead” Poems and Photographs and “The Dispossessed”.  


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Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
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306 Pearl Parkway
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San Antonio, TX 78215
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