Jerry R.M., The Prince Who Fell In Love With The Dragon

author photoA century of a devastating legend.

A sorceress who interrupted a wedding.

A dragon that consumed everything.

A princess who was never seen again.

But legends are just that, legends.


No one ever saw the lost princess again.

Of all that is told about the legend, only one part can be trusted:

The dragon is still alive, hidden in the old ruins, and its mere existence is a threat.

The kingdom has sent for a volunteer from each territory, and only the one who destroys the dragon will have the kingdom's crown.

Four kingdoms and seven courts will have to prepare for the Trials of Fire.

Until the youngest prince in the competition volunteered, thinking the whole story was an absurd legend.

Or so he thought until he saw the dragon's eyes.

About the author: Influenced by fairy tales from an early age and dreaming of seeing the world, she devoted herself to writing since fourth grade. At first, she hid literature as a hobby, which slowly began to take up more and more space in her heart. She finished her bachelor's degree in psychology, and halfway through her master's degree, her studies were interrupted by the 2020 pandemic. That year, she lost her job, studies, and home and decided to move from New York to Texas.

Eventually, she had to decide to return to finish her studies...

Or realize her dreams.

Almost three years later, she published her first book.

And she never thought that she could be so happy.


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