Jesse Brown,The Legend of the Werewolf


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Jesse Brown
The Legend of the Werewolf
Saturday, May 23

Esteban, a Spaniard who was raised to be a leader just like his father, is put into a position where he has no choice but to find a place for him and his family. The task he has is to unite his kind while fighting two wars; one with the vampires and the other with a ruthless dictator by the name of Richard. Richard, the werewolf version of Hitler seeks to conquer all the clans and destroy all races he deems inferior. The story continues as it is unraveled what the consequences of war have done to Esteban’s family and his friends. More enemies seek to kill a legend and his family, as the conclusion of how Esteban was almost lifted to a level of apotheosis.


About the Author:

My name is Jesse Brown Jr. and I’m a visual writer.  One night I prayed to God for the ability to tell a story, to be inspired, and ever since then I have been writing.  I have visions and dreams all the time and must write them down or else I won’t get any sleep.  With the first short story The Brotherhood, which is now the novel Legend of the Werewolf: A tale of the Brotherhood, I won Honorary Mention from L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers and Illustrators of the future.  I live in the quiet town of Natalia, Texas.



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Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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