JJ Persis, Zodiac Lovers, I Remember

JJ Persis
Zodiac Lovers, I Remember
Sunday, April 19

When she was just a child, Mojdeh’s life changed.

The daughter of a private bodyguard of the last king of Iran, her five-year-old sense of the world couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Her father’s ties to Mohammed Reza Shah meant that her entire family would be forced into exile. Her new life in America inspired a love and loyalty she never imagined toward her homeland. Growing up in a foreign country and culture, Mojdeh did her best to fit in with society. She never let go of her true heritage. Instead, she embraced it and allowed it to shape her.

After graduating from college, Mojdeh began a new chapter in her life. Leaving her parents and siblings behind in Texas, she moved to California with the big dreams of finding both a writing career and the love of her life. A true Gemini, she used her positive attitude to overcome hurdles. A lack of romantic insight translated into three unsuccessful attempts at love. Each man was from a different walk of life, but they shared one crucial quality: they were Iranian.

In her mid-thirties, she came to an epiphany that allowed her to find her true love. For Mojdeh, life was finally complete, but her happiness was not destined to last. Forged in fire, turmoil, and disappointment, her optimistic Gemini soul allowed her to discover the clarity and strength needed to find her true identity and be at peace.


JJ PERSIS left Iran in 1984, at the height of the Iran-Iraq War. Only five when she emigrated, she blossomed in the United States. As an adult, her curiosity and passion for life led her to Hollywood, where her love for self-expression guided her toward a career in writing.


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