Lisa Leader, The Man Haters Club: A Bobby Bain Novel

Lisa Leader always knew that she would become a writer someday, when the timing was right. When an elementary school teacher first posed the question of what she wanted to be when she grew up, Lisa replied that she was going to be a doctor, a writer, a teacher, and a horse trainer. The teacher advised her that women couldn’t be doctors, but she could work for one – and that a person could only have one job.

Today, Lisa is a successful eye doctor, and while she does not train horses, she enjoys riding her two horses, and writing as time permits. She is currently working on her second novel in the Bobby Bain series.

She is most proud of being a mother to her daughter Alexandra, who followed her into the health care profession. Lisa lives on the outskirts of San Antonio with her hus­band David, and her dogs, horses, and perhaps a cat (or twenty).

About The Man Haters Club: A Bobby Bain Novel:

Dr. Bobby Bain is an anesthesiologist with certain idiosyncrasies that have insured his single status, possibly forever. When he sees Dr. Liz Schaeffer, his best friend and the object of his unrequited love, talking to Natalie, a local attorney, he hopes that this means that Liz is finally divorcing her narcissistic husband, Adam.

Instead, Bobby discovers that the two women are simply meeting for a drink - a meeting that Adam has teasingly dubbed, "The Man Haters Club." The two women are momentarily dumbfounded when Bobby offers to supply all the libations for future club meetings, if they will just let him join their club. Liz immediately realizes that this is another one of Bobby's annoying ploys to meet women and the two agree that he can join, hoping to teach him a lesson.

The members soon discover that Liz's family is being threatened by Mrs. Piggy, a woman who worked closely with Adam and whom he had an inappropriate relationship. Consequently, "the club" gains a purpose besides just meeting for cocktails.

With the addition of Marilyn, a computer forensic specialist with a dubious background, the members think they can protect Liz and Sam, her smarty-pants, hell-on-wheels, know-it-all teenage daughter, from the mess that Adam has created and conveniently ignored.

Will "The Man Haters Club" be able to outsmart the delusional, but dangerous Mrs. Piggy in this side-splitting novel?

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