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Images and poems celebrating citizens of the sky

Forward by Victor Emanuel

Two bird lovers, a poet and a photographer, collaborate in Wingbeat Atlas to bring poems and images together to celebrate our citizens of the sky. Award-winning poet Lucy Griffith shares her attention to detail, songlike lyrics and whimsy in these poems about Blue Grosbeaks, Loggerhead Shrikes, owls, hawks and hummingbirds. Sparrows and tiny wrens get their due as well. Ken Butler's accompanying images show the birds in their habitats―freshly active and expressive. Poem and image combine to give the reader an immersive avian experience.

As the well-known international birder Victor Emanuel shares in his foreword: "Lucy Griffith's poems are a wonderful addition to the collection of poems about birds. Many of them contain lines about the behavior of birds, how they fly, what they eat, how they court a mate. These descriptions connect the reader in new ways with the bird. With all creatures, habitat is important. By often mentioning various plants, the bird's habitat is evoked. Kenneth Butler's excellent images of each bird highlighted in a poem add a fresh layer of enjoyment...Lucy's poems are brief and potent, then close with a moving, beautiful ending."

A native of San Antonio, Dr. Lucy Griffith now lives on a ranch beside the Guadalupe River near Comfort. She has been a lover of wild spaces since she was a young child, having memorable escapades at the renowned Esperanza, Hillingdon and Gallagher ranches. Once her family acquired a property on the Guadalupe River, that love grew.  Her father was her first teacher, and as she walked the pastures with him, she learned about the joys of attachment to a particular place.  His stewardship of the ranch was her primer; their walks and chores, a daily tutorial.

Lucy has been a licensed psychologist and has worked extensively in the mental health field as well as serving as a school principal and a Special Education teacher. Her experiences as a therapist inform and inspire her work.

Lucy is also a Certified Texas Master Naturalist and a regular contributor to the Texas Star, an award-winning publication of the Hill Country Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists. She writes with a perceptive eye and a finely-tuned ear, coupled with a grace and understanding that makes us more aware of the world around us, whether we live in the country or in the middle of a city.




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