Mandy Pallock, The Question Habit

book coverauthor photoWhat if you could deepen every relationship just by knowing what questions to ask? Your entire life is a series of questions meant to open doors to meaningful relationships. Think of them as focused, intentional, and everyday conversations with people you and God value.

Questions are key to discovering the God-designed uniqueness of yourself and others, cultivating intentional relationships with heartfelt, open-ended sharing, and inspiring and mentoring with the why and how behind the what. Asking and listening well can take every relationship deeper. Are you ready to discover how to use the power of purposeful questions?

Mandy Pallock passionately believes that lives will change as people ask curious questions with a heart to listen.

She is happily married to the man of her dreams, Peter, and they are raising three children together in San Antonio. She’s a writer, speaker, and podcaster at

Mandy has over 20 years of professional experience in print and digital communication in the non-profit sphere. And she’s cheering for you as you live your one amazing life!




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