Nick Green, The Mountain

Nick Green was born and grew up near Nashville, Tennessee, and has spent his life since repeatedly moving back and forth between Tennessee, Texas, and Florida. He is currently in Texas, where he spends his days working as a Target Market Specialist for a company that aims to support and promote literacy for children across the country by providing schools with their local newspaper to use as a teaching resource.

About The Mountain:
When we are very young, we all have dreams of greatness—sometimes attainable and sometimes not. And because we are young, we have hope, and we have enjoyment in our dreams and in our hopes, sometimes without regard to the consequences of our actions—believing we are invincible. And these hopes and dreams lead us on to attempts of fulfillment. Sometimes our attempts have unforeseen consequences, and sometimes we become discouraged with failure. But dreams are important. They are the impetus that leads us forward to risk, to try, to fall and try again. And sometimes the price seems too high. But if the dream is real, one will pick up and try again—without perhaps as much hope as before, but with determination and stubbornness against the voice that says “give up, already.” Only the individual decides which way to go, regardless of the price he has to pay. Nick Green’s story reveals the heart of a youth who pays the price. He is on a mission—a journey which will change his life forever—no matter how it ends.


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Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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