Phil Kang, Oppositivity: Counterintuitive Notions for Leading Differently, Standing Out and Being Authentic

Phil Kang has authored a delightful leadership book full of pragmatic advice. Whether in a formal leadership role or in a position of informal influence, Kang offers an array of insights applicable in the workplace, with family, or any organization. Oppositivity is broken into small "bite size" chapters so it can be read straight through or meander from topic to topic.  "Oppositivity" is a fun, engaging, thought provoking read, and an A-to-Z guide for showing leaders how to do the Opposite with Positivity.

Phil Kang is a certified (ICF-PCC) professional leadership coach, speaker and author who emphatically believes when we lead well and create a positive culture, the outcome is bigger impact, real joy, and personal fulfillment.  He is a proven leadership practitioner with a uniquely authentic approach to inspiring others--recognized as a “leadership anomaly” by teammates. Phil's work is infused with personal stories from 10+ years as a Fortune 100 executive, another decade consulting for dozens of global companies, and almost 15 years in hands-on operational roles.  This practical business experience combines with a curious coaching mindset to help his readers and clients achieve their “next-level” whatever shape that might take.  Phil lives with his wife Juliana in San Antonio, TX and they have two beautiful daughters who live in Seattle, WA.



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