R.A. Reynolds, 91 Day Fiancee Marriage: Love or Green Card

Author R.A. Reynolds is a WINNER of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in 2018' 

R.A. Reynolds is a war veteran who served the U.S. honorably. He received his B.S. in Industrial Technology, his Masters in Education, and was a certified Industrial Arts teacher. He is now a professional photographer developing virtual tours for several national marketing companies.

About 91 Day Fiancee Marriage:  Love or Green Card:

This memoir is the journey of one couple who married using a fiancée visa: exposing his naivety and her secret agenda. After being married exactly 91 days something drastic happens. Margarita puts herself into a domestic violence shelter. Unknown to her, a divorce is granted by the courts and her immigration status is removed. Upon discovery of the divorce, the shelter sends her back to her country of origin. But they find each other again and reconnect! Did he marry her again? Could he do that? This is a unique story based on real life experiences that have not been told before. •An astonishing marriage full of suspense has you asking, “What can happen next?” Is this real?•The warning signs and red flags seem so obvious now, why didn’t he see them? •What is the value of your knowing Alan's mistakes, so you are not blind-sided?•Know what “they” know before marriage fraud happens to you. Avoid the pitfalls and the financial Catch-22?•How do you keep your marriage honest and secure when you are married to a foreigner?•A timeline of immigration processes: from obtaining a green card to having it stolen.

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