Robert Vargas III, Democracy: A Contact Sport

book coverauthor photoRunning for public office will test every fiber of your being.
It will make you truly aware of your inadequacies, stretch muscles you didn't even know existed, and test the limits of the strongest marriages. Democracy: A Contact Sport is designed to prepare you for what to expect when choosing a life in politics and running for local office.

About the Author:

For 18 years, Robert Vargas III has been a consultant recognized for his marketing and public relations expertise, transforming local politics, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Robert is a native San Antonian, a fourth-generation Texan, and the son of migrant workers. His skillset spans political campaign management, strategic planning, community relations, and government affairs.

His civic involvement focuses on grassroots community organizing, criminal justice reform, and maximizing voter participation. He has served on the State Democratic Executive Committee of the Texas Democratic Party, the executive committee of the San Antonio AFL-CIO, and is one of the founders of the San Antonio L.G.B.T. Chamber of Commerce.
Robert has held various political roles and served in various capacities for numerous elected officials in Bexar County, including Sheriff Javier Salazar, Judge Mary Lou Alvarez, and Democratic Party Chair Monica Ramirez Alc√°ntara.

Recently, Robert authored his first book, Democracy: A Contact Sport: A Grassroots guide to running for local office.



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