Rohn Bayes, The Ancient Book of Magic Secrets

book coverauthor photoWritten in a unique hybrid style this book explores being human from various perspectives. The non-fiction essays are interspersed with the fictional narrative and both build a compelling picture of what it means to be human. From essays on our earliest history and development to the microbiome in our body to the phenomenon of 'cities' the author celebrates and casts new light on this amazing creature that has taken over (for better or worse) planet earth.

Would this be a different world if humans 'knew themselves' better? Is this a conversation we are willing to have? Such questions are among the reasons this book was written. It's for the 'engaged' reader, for any person who might want to ask those questions and explore the answers.

Written in a decidedly non-academic, non-philosophical style, it's full of fascinating facts, intriguing insights and surprising connections. Did you know that there are 100 trillion friendly microbes living in your body and that they are in conversation with your brain and your immune system? Did you know that life on earth is possible because we are the perfect distance from the sun and also because our solar system is the perfect distance from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. We are very fortunate and this book points out many reasons to be grateful and celebrate. Two things humans can do exceedingly well.

Rohn Bayes is the author of five collections of poetry, a couple of short stories, a play, several magazine articles, 2 unfinished film scripts, numerous open mic rave ons, a spattering of flash fiction and an uncountable number of Facebook posts.

Originally from Michigan, he now resides in San Antonio where he presides over 3 cats, 10,000 fish, two turtles and an occasional raccoon. Aside from these duties and the piquant adventure of sustaining himself he finds time to ride his bicycle like a wild Comanche. You can visit his Substack newsletter at





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