Ron Scott, Privileges and Immunities: Tale of a Military Trial

book coverRon Scott is a retired Army JAG attorney and Medical Specialists’ Corps Major. He served twenty years on active duty, first as a surgical technician with a Marine detachment aboard the U.S.S. Holland in Rota, Spain during the Vietnam War, then as an Army physical therapist, and later, as a JAG Corps criminal law attorney. His wife of 48 years, María Josefa Scott-Barba Garcés, was born in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain, across the bay from Cádiz.

Ron is currently a university professor, teaching ethics and jurisprudence. He has authored 14 textbooks addressing health care ethicolegal and patient care documentation issues, medical Spanish, and careers in health care. Privileges and Immunities is his "first novel, the entirety of which has been in his head since leaving Germany as an Army defense attorney in 1987.

About Privileges and Immunities:
Two Army couples stationed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1984-1985 – Roger, a combat company commander; Bryan, an Army defense attorney; Zoey, Roger’s spouse, a bartender who knew Bryan while he attended law school; and Zara, Bryan’s wife, Moroccan jazz bassist, who met Bryan at Le Chat Noir in Paris.

Both wives, sexual firecrackers. One fervently loyal to her husband; the other, fervently bending rules to their breaking points. Zoey’s dark obsessions cause her to forfeit her life at the hands of an assailant she trusts. The quest for justice and the adherence to dying wishes in Zoey’s diary led to fulfilment for some but cost three more lives by their achievement.


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