Roy R. Pachecano, A Passion for Places

book coverauthor photo"A Passion for Places [Texas Edition]"
How our landmarks & buildings are connected to places around the world

This first installment under the masthead series entitled, "A Passion For Places," showcases places in Texas from a unique perspective: how Texas landmarks and buildings are connected to other places around the world. Despite its title, the book sprang to life traveling to far and distant lands. This book is a collection of places, drawn on site, in all weather conditions, utilizing the method of producing art en plein air. The images presented are inspired by the Renaissance tradition of producing vedute—or picturesque scenes. Traveling both within the State of Texas and overseas provided fertile grounds to draw, spawning a fecundity of sketches. The sumptuous architectural antecedents of Texas are connected to other places found in Austria, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and The Vatican. This publication has taken a global effort to produce: From independent travels sourcing sketch pads, watercolor blocks, and pencils, to finding fascinating places to sketch, this book embodies how the language of architecture is adaptive across space and time. From The Alamo to SpaceX’s Star Base, "A Passion for Places [Texas Edition]" captures that special Texas spirit and shares it with all who love art, architecture, history, and travel.


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