Sandy Smith, Share Time Tales

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Every day brings inspiration that can lead to storytelling. Simple observations or occurrences, whether from nature, the family, or current events, can spark ideas for stories. Through my books, both those for children and those for adult readers, I aim to share stories that provide beauty, joy, and insight.

Share Time Tales™ for Children

Some of my most cherished moments are the times spent reading to my grandchildren and foster grandchildren. Watching their expressions as they snuggle next to me, listening and looking, wins me over every time. I am at their command during a story time that can last minutes to hours. The collection of Share Time Tales™ offers my stories of everyday moments that can be part of treasured time with your children.

Books for Adult Readers

In Memorable Moments: A Memoir of My Quirky Family Stories I reveal special moments that have enriched my life, from boisterous family reunions to sweet remembrances. These stories reflect actions and experiences that were unexpected, unique, humorous, and formative.

I hope The Promise of Jazz will encourage the reader to enjoy the music through art and poetry. The passion of Jazz musicians inspires my husband to capture them in paintings. In turn, those paintings inspire me to express what I see through the art.

My objective in writing Neighborhood Heroes was to pay tribute to the care and dedication of individuals who volunteer during a pandemic and make a difference in their communities. The stories reveal the compassion and ingenuity of these individuals whose efforts offer inspiration and hope for all.


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