Terry Corrao, Father Daughter

American portrait photographer, Terry Corrao has been portraying the relationship between fathers and daughters for the last twenty-two years. The culmination of this work is now a book titled Father Daughter—published by Colfax Press, which was founded by the artist. Images from this long term project have been exhibited at TransArt ‘97 in Paris and the Leica Gallery in New York; additionally, they have been published in the New York Times and in the books— DINO: The Life and Films of Dino DeLaurentiis and PHILOSOPHY DOG: The Art of Living with Man’s Best Friend

Born in Elgin, Illinois, Terry was raised in Southern California and Texas, She studied at the International Center of Photography, Otis-Parsons and UCLA. After living in New York City for most of her life, Terry now divides her time between Alabama and Vermont.

About Father Daughter:

Terry Corrao’s Father Daughter is a haunting and joyous exploration of the bond between men and their female children, shot over two decades all around the world. Turning her searching eye on fathers and daughters from every walk of life, Corrao catalogs this unbreakable bond in all its beautiful complexity.

From raucous games in the front yard, to the bittersweet beauty of giving away your daughter on her wedding day, Father Daughter weaves passing moments into a tribute to shared lives. We see fathers and their girls working, wrangling lions on film sets, flying hot air balloons, and sharing the simple pleasures of play.

Inspired by the passing of her own father, Corrao set out to document the impossibly rich bonds of family in sophisticated black and white. These intimate portraits use natural light and casual settings to illuminate fleeting moments with a timeless authenticity. Her camera discovers in their eyes, faces, and bodies a connection that bridges lifetimes. The stories captured here by Terry Corrao are a celebration of the smiles, glances, and joy than only father and daughter can share.

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