Terry E Dudley, From Vikings, Normans and Englishmen to Americans: A Trilogy: 800 AD To 1784

book coverauthor photoDid you ever wonder how far back your family roots go?

This is the question Terry had when he started his journey into studying his family history. Using interviews, family tales and genealogy he made progress but hit a brick wall. Through DNA testing he was able to uncover a fascinating story and decided to tell this through the lens of recorded history.

His family takes part in the invasion of England, endures civic upheavals, fights in wars, flirts with royalty and attempts to seize the crown, experiences religious intolerance, relocates to the colonies, and fights for independence.in the American Revolution.

In this book, you will learn:

 • How British and American histories link together.
 • Family history is more interesting if you know the events and context.
 • Every family has hidden stories to uncover.
 • How you can use genealogy, DNA and methods in this book to help you tell your own history.

Written as a way to honor the history that came before, this book aims to shed light on the history of his family and the steps they took to reach the present. Filled with exciting stories that were lived by real people, Terry hopes this pushes people to find their hidden history as well. Grab a copy today.



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