Great Hearts Western Hills Book Fair

The GREAT HEARTS WESTERN HILLS ONLINE Book Fair runs from November 7-22.

The in school Book Fair is November 9-13.

Please note that any book purchase from The Twig counts for the Book Fair and supports GHWH! Just be sure to mention "GHWH” to the Twig staff if shopping at the shop.

Use the special coupon code GHWH when checking out online! Shoppers will not receive a discount, but GHMV will receive up to 20% of any purchase when the coupon code is used! This is a great way to get early holiday shopping taken care of while also supporting Great Hearts Monte Vista.

Anyone can help by simply using the coupon code GHWH so please share this opportunity with family and friends!

Suggestions for online browsing:

Amanda Luevano Wishlist

Angela Masters - 2A Wishlist

Chanel Mayorga - 2B Wishlist

Kristi Zimmerman - 1D wishlist

Nicole Glowe - 6A Wishlist

Pamela Kramer Wishlist

Travis Chisholm Wishlist