Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff of The Twig Book Shop

Claudia Maceo, Manager, AKA Twig Big Wig

Claudia retired from teaching after 30 years and began working part time at Viva Bookstore.  One thing lead to another; before a year had gone by she had moved to The Twig and become manager just as The Twig moved to The Historic Pearl Brewery. She reads across genres, but loves fiction, poetry, and children's books the most. Matching people with books they will love is the most gratifying part of her already exciting job.

Susanna Nawrocki, Shrewd Book Buyer Revered By All

Susanna is the "semi-retired" former manager of The Twig Book Shop, who doggedly creates purchase orders by pouring over restock reports, receiving special customer orders from the store and online, and working with publisher reps who sing her praises!

Miss Anastasia McKenna, Storytelling Goddess

She has her own link on this website.  Look for the Twiglet drop down tab.

Nancy Gebhardt, AKA Harry Potter Trivia Champ

"After teaching for 35 years I knew I wanted to work part time and The Twig seemed the perfect fit.  What reading specialist wouldn't want to be surrounded by books?  I enjoy visiting with authors and publishers about their work.  Historical fiction, nonfiction and middle grade books are my passion. I have had the opportunity to meet many fascinating people from around the world with whom I can share my love of books."


"I am an artist who sustains my intellectual curiosity by reading and selling books. Since January 2017, I have helped people find the book they are seeking and have worked with exceptional staff at the Twig who assist me with their expertise. I learn from our customers about books unknown to me and truly enjoy the conversations that open new windows.  My favorites are history, biography, memoir, art, photography, and natural science.  I have a soft spot for children's books with beautiful illustrations.  I hope to see you soon at the Twig!"

Jenn Banowsky

"I am a retired Early Childhood educator and Acrobatic Gymnastics coach. Friends & family, reading, and travel are how I love to spend my free time. I think bookstores are one of the best places on the planet, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a bookseller at The Twig! My favorite book genres are Memoir,  Historical Fiction, and Sociology - I love learning about people's lives and experiences! I also have a passion for Children's Literature. I enjoy meeting people who visit The Twig from all over the world, and helping them select just the right book for themselves or others."


Once upon a time a woman had to move suddenly, had her car ruined at the garage she had taken it to to have it worked on, and lost her job prospect forcing her to think FAST and fly by the seat of her pants. On a whim, (and somewhat desperately) based on a lifetime of experience working and volunteering at Libraries and Bookstores of all sorts, she contacted the manager of an Independent bookstore in a different city from where she was currently living. She had been to visit the store when she was visiting a friend and loved it. Unbelievably, she had a positive response from the manager less than two hours after contacting her, and within months she lived happily ever after working at The Twig. It was a torrent of miracles that brought her her happy ending. Who said fairy tales are just fairy tales?

Reign Kingsberry

Reign is the sassy and savvy social media coordinator who found her life's mission thanks to the Twig. She has a love for literature that can be borderline impulsive with the massive stacks (yes... stacks) of books her co-workers gently tell her to take home... or else they'll take 'em down from her basket. (The stack has since been tamed!) Romances (A Happy Place by Emily Henry and Hello, Stranger by Katherine Center are her go-to recs), thrillers (The Killing Lessons by Saul Black is her top rec), and literary fiction (On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong--she implores you to read this before anything else) are her go-to genre havens. Besides delighting herself in the multiple growing facets of social media, Reign loves laughing with customers and exchanging book recommendations. It's one of many joys to her day aside from working at her favorite job with some of her favorite people.
Oh and her favorite person to smack talk to and with? Alani

Alani Chu

Alani reads Kierkegaard and Nietzsche while she eats her lunch.  Her existential angst is real when invited to write up her bio blurb for our website.  She asks, "Who am I?"  
Off the top of my head, Alani shines as thrift store maven, on demand flyer/poster creator, devoted daughter, prolific shelf-talker composer, and unruffle-able customer service provider!
What will tomorrow bring?

Probably jesting with Reign.

Jeanne Miers

Jeanne's email that accompanied her resume made me laugh out loud.  I read it aloud, and a colleague said, "Hire her!"  It didn't hurt that she had event planning experience already for the Event Coordinator position that we needed filling; she had two advanced degrees in administration to add to that skill set.  It is not uncommon for me to receive a note from an author who has had a event here that sings her praises.  The added bonus is her husband BL, who tells the best Dad jokes and is willing to help out with events.  They are a welcomed package deal.

Michele Hernandez

Former teacher, sometimes baker and a volunteer with San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, Michele loves reading anything that is well written. She does however prefer Gregor to Harry and Jane Eyre to Elizabeth Bennet.  Although she is usually in the office processing your special orders and online orders, she also loves talking to customers, local authors and co-workers about what they are reading.  She is quick to recommend Ten Thousand Doors of JanuaryThe Four Agreements and Frankenstein, some of her absolute favorites.  

Keziah Hernandez

"Former business owner and constant avid reader, I am mostly attracted to Fiction and Mystery/Thrillers.  Coraline by Neil Gaimain and Song of the Magdalene by Donna Jo Napoli are two of my favorite books.  I love to recommend these and others to customers at The Twig."

Genevieve Lillibridge

Ever since I was a child, books have been a significant part of my life. So, it was only natural that when I retired from being a high school math teacher (why I wasn’t an English teacher is another story), I should return to my first love – books.

My two favorite genres for reading are fiction and mystery, but working at The Twig is giving me the opportunity to expand my reading horizons, with suggestions from my amazing co-workers and customers. I have too many favorite authors to name, but some of my favorite books are Demon Copperhead, The Covenant of Water, All the Light We Cannot See, and the Armand Gamache series by Louise Penny.

When I’m not ordering sidelines (everything that’s not a book) for The Twig or waiting on customers, I can be found restocking displays, trying to organize and clean our back offices (a never-ending task), and getting into “good trouble” with my co-workers, Michele and Heather. Claudia never knows what she’s going to find when she’s been out of the store, and we have been left to our own devices.

I am so fortunate to have landed at The Twig after retiring from teaching. What could be better than being surrounded by books, working with a phenomenal, diverse group of individuals, and assisting customers who can’t help but be happy because they are in an awesome indie bookstore?!


Want to join the staff? Thanks for your interest in working at The Twig Book Shop! The Twig is not currently hiring, but we always accept resumes & applications.  Email your resume' to