Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff of The Twig Book Shop

Claudia Maceo, Manager, AKA Twig Big Wig

Claudia retired from teaching after 30 years and began working part time at Viva Bookstore.  One thing lead to another; before a year had gone by she had moved to The Twig and become manager just as The Twig moved to The Historic Pearl Brewery. She reads across genres, but loves fiction, poetry, and children's books the most. Matching people with books they will love is the most gratifying part of her already exciting job.

Nancy Gebhardt, AKA Harry Potter Trivia Champ

After teaching for 35 years I knew I wanted to work part time and The Twig seemed the perfect fit.  What reading specialist wouldn't want to be surrounded by books?  I am the event planner for the book shop and enjoy visiting with authors and publishers about their work.  Historical fiction, nonfiction and middle grade books are my passion. I have had the opportunity to meet many fascinating people from around the world with whom I can share my love of books.


I am an artist who sustains my intellectual curiosity by reading and selling books. Since January 2017, I have helped people find the book they are seeking and have worked with exceptional staff at the Twig who assist me with their expertise. I learn from our customers about books unknown to me and truly enjoy the conversations that open new windows.  My favorites are history, biography, memoir, art, photography, and natural science.  I have a soft spot for children's books with beautiful illustrations.  I hope to see you soon at the Twig!

Sarah Stone, Head Girl for Slytherin

Recruited by my Mother, I have been with the Twig since November 2017. I am a Thriller extraordinaire that enjoys staying up late reading with my bunny, Libby. Come talk thrillers with me. When I'm not at the Twig, I am running a successful bespoke menswear company called the Perfect Shirt.   

Charlotte Sullivan Wild

Charlotte is the author of the picture book THE AMAZING IDEA OF YOU (Bloomsbury, illustrated by Mary Lundquist), which debuts in February 2019. She is the Regional Advisor of the Southwest Texas chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and the founder of the Picture Book Salon of San Antonio. Before leaving frosty Minnesota for sunny Texas, she interviewed authors for radio, organized community conversations about children’s literature, and taught high school and college English. Now she enjoys singing with the Live Oak Singers and chatting with readers at The Twig!

Katherine “Kat” Satterfield. Jill of Most Trades

Kat is the most recent addition to The Twig Staff. She loves trying all genres of books at least once. While she hasn’t read most books, she’s willing to look up reviews for you. A Hufflepuff through and through, she tends to be a good finder, and is working on her green thumb.

Laura, Proud Purveyor of the "Art Wall"

New to Texas, Laura moved to San Antonio to spread her love of books and literacy through teaching and The Twig! She reads a little bit of (almost) everything, but spends most of her time with classics, middle grade/young adult fiction, war history, art and music, and adult historical fiction. Laura loves to learn about new books, interesting genres, spunky authors, and the many ways that books and stories touch our lives – so next time you’re in, make sure to stop and say “hi!”

Vicky Liendo- Book Slinger/ Weekend Warrior

Vicky has been working at The Twig since 2015, but has been in the business of bookselling for over ten years. Those rare times she's not pushing books around, she's playing with her family or dancing with her burlesque troupe The Pastie Pops. Vicky's pile of books to read is too big and includes most genres, but her favorites are memoirs and children's books. 

Sam Jimenez, Bannerman to House Stark

Sam has been working at The Twig since April 2017 but he’s been living inside books for as long as he can remember. He’s “the sci-fi guy”, your go-to for escapes into the realm of dragons and mages, space pirates and living planets, superheroes and their culturally relevant allegories. When he’s not drifting off in his literary spaceship or talking about the history of film, you can usually find Sam at the front desk. Just look for the beard.

Matt, The Pagemaster

Rarely seen in the light of day, Matt’s presence can be felt throughout the store. He is the keeper of knowledge, the tireless receiver of all your hopes and dreams, i.e. the one who brings your favorite books to the store front. If you want to talk whiskey, fencing, rock climbing, what life is like on all three of America’s coasts, or all things nerdy, look no further then The Twig’s resident wild card.


A former teacher and accidental baker - who may or may not be slightly addicted to cookbooks.  She has been known to compose spontaneous haikus and volunteers with the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition.  Most of all, she loves talking to people about what they are reading . . . and will read almost anything, although she prefers Jane Eyre to Elizabeth Bennet and Gregor to Harry. 



Want to join the staff? Thanks for your interest in working at The Twig Book Shop! "The Twig" is not currently hiring. However, we always accept resumes & applications.  Email your resume' to