Parochial, Private and Public School Offerings

The Twig Book Shop provides books for school districts within Bexar County and is registered as a vendor through The Educational Service Center Region 20.  They list us under our legal name "Books By Mail."  We do business as (DBA) The Twig Book Shop.  Our vendor number is 18030 and is valid through oct. 31, 2022.

Our longstanding relationship with the publishers provides us with a proven record of reliability. Their representatives understand our niche in the bookselling world and partner with us to assure all our successes.

Author Visits

Many authors appreciate the critical role of independent bookstores like The Twig Book Shop that has been in business for almost 50 years.  Some authors urge you to use independent an bookstore that reports its sales to the New York Times and Nielson Bookscan each week as we do.

If you have an author coming to visit your school, we recommend using preorder forms to maximize sales, and we can customize the books that will be offered and include the prices with tax.  We can offer a discount to the students, or in the case of some parochial or private schools, a donation is made from the proceeds of the sales.  Some schools like to provide additional books for sale the day of the author visit also.

Professional Development

We not only sell general trade books that you might want for personal reasons, but we order professional development books also.  Consider buying a set of books for your staff development or a variety of books as professional development resources.

Classroom Libraries

Curriculum research continues to support the importance of well-stocked, diverse choices in classroom libraries.  The Twig Book Shop carries or has access to the latest releases, bestsellers, and award winners from board books to Young Adult books in fiction and non-fiction.


We have had a long history of providing books for school bookfairs and find our strength lies in customizing selections for preschools, private, and parochial schools.  Our mobile point of sale allows for accepting cash, credit card, check, and even house charges for schools that provide that as an option.

Teacher Wish Lists can be designed on our website for easy sharing with parents who may want to donate books to support instruction and the joy of reading.

In-store sales can also supplement the school sales during the week of the bookfair.  Parents and teachers identify they are from the school at the time of their purchase, and we record that sale to apply to their total sales for their commission.

Virtual bookfairs can stand alone or be in combination with an onsite bookfair.  We develop a coupon code for your school that is shared with the teachers and parents who can then buy their books from the comfort of their home from our website.