Summer Reading Program

Print your reading sheet here!

HEY kids! KEEP your Brain HOT and SPICY this summer by reading with our Dragons Love Tacos Summer Reading Program!!!

  • Twiglets have all summer to read and document their success on their Summer Reading Taco.
  • Rewards for every 10 books read or read to your child.
  • Print out your TACO online and Earn a prize for every 10 books Read, Photographed, and Posted with our HASHTAG #SummerTimeTwigletsRead.
  • We will randomly pick a photo with our hashtag for a $10 TWIG gift certificate weekly.

So let’s stir up your child’s love of books and their Summer Reading Taco will be filled in no time! There are PILES of books to read, so set your sights on reading this SUMMER. 

After all, Dragons Love Tacos (and Books) !

May 30 - August 7th

All ages of TwigTwiglets are welcome to participate and can print out their OWN Taco for Summer Reading Sheet online here!